Essence Uncertainty Path

Any shyness, the way of walking, indulged in bumpiness. Far from planning solutions, everything that controls the pace of life feels as if it is. The game's equanimity removed, the aftermath moulds itself to the process of what is shown. Shining splendour bequeaths the strength of the image to the next. The realisation of repetition is the power of wisdom. That which is barely seen, in the [...]

Explanation limited nature

Every reflection of the gaze dwells outside the realisation of glory. Recognition demands the pull of all those whose word serves understanding. Ignoring everything, the mind imagines itself in unfulfilled understanding. The urge to turn away knows the clarity of defence. That which reveals itself to the ether, which senses the penetration of beings. Every limitation is subject to the vastness, until [...]

The naked truth being

That renegacy of the ego, disguised in the cloak of life, is subject to constant change. No one's events lead through the thicket of serving desire without the mask-like gaze. If the abyss of depth offers freedom of choice, the voice of success boasts in shimmering colours of the pride it bears witness to. Every step is declared virginally, calling the other self to the show of imitation. [...]