Silent participation is the companion hand.

We walk the path of farewell together. In remembrance.

Trust is based on the empowerment of the self.
Soul touches the fire.
There is abundance in the stagnation of the path.

Remember with love - Remember in silence - Say goodbye with dignity

Every person has their own story. Unfortunately, I can't take the sadness out of the farewell either. But I can make the ceremony lighter, more personalised and more comforting. As a funeral speaker, I know what really matters in a eulogy: the personality of the person who has passed away and their loved ones. There will be no empty phrases about life, death and grief - because there is so much to tell about a person, about their life, their work and their character. With me, there are no phrases that are spoken at almost every funeral service. My funeral speeches are as individual as the loved one was.  Strictly speaking, I don't give funeral speeches, but Life speeches. My speeches are not about death, they are about who the deceased was.

Personal funeral speech

Sometimes I am asked after a funeral speech: "You must have had a close relationship with him/her?". That's a nice compliment - the speeches I give leave a feeling of personal closeness to the deceased. However, this is only possible with an intensive preliminary discussion with the relatives to create a personalised speech and funeral service. I will take all your wishes, ideas and suggestions into account.  The funeral service will help you to say goodbye to a loved one. Whether secular or ecclesiastical. Whether at the cemetery, in the cemetery forest or at the crematorium. It is important to me that what was important to the deceased and what is close to the heart of their loved ones is said. I would like to support you so that you can say goodbye in a way that would have pleased the deceased, help you as a loved one and ease your pain. 

My offer for you

  • My aim as a freelance speaker is to help you organise a personal and dignified farewell for your deceased loved one. It should be a farewell that is tailored to your ideas and wishes and gives you comfort.
  • Guided personally with you and at your premises Funeral talk 
  • Musical accompaniment for the funeral service - Musicawakens emotions. We discuss together what will be played.
  • Elaboration of aindividual speech and its presentation - You will receive and hear a completely personalised speech, which you can read in advance and make any changes you wish.
  • The focus is on you and the deceased with his or her Life story or poetic & philosophical speech, depending on the preference of the relatives.
  • Escort to the grave(the most difficult moment) - Accompaniment of the funeral with a few beautiful last words and soft music.  
    Close counselling and Coordination with the undertaker.  


Individual price after personal negotiation 

Possible additional services after the funeral service & farewell

  • As a coach and mediator, I often hear about internal or external disagreements within a family system or other community ties. So it is not uncommon for mourners to turn to me to mediate a dispute, often long smouldering, the death of a loved one once again bringing the disagreements to light. In such challenging times, I professionally separate my services, but I am happy to help you solve your problems as part of my vocation to provide holistic support.   
  • Grief counselling during the difficult time after the death of a loved one.
  • Mediation for disputes in a family and friendly environment 

Accompanying book for coping with grief - DER RUHE STILLE - Pictures of a close place

From the very beginning of existence, change fits into the arms of becoming, constantly touching the light in the darkness. Just as the course of time leaves every experience to ripen in passing, everything new imagines itself in the sustaining through the extensive being. Shaping one's own steps, the path always leads to one point: to becoming in passing. Finding oneself in a place that takes in everything that existed: releasing whatever was lived.

A POETIC PICTURE JOURNEY in the Werraland Resting Forest. By Kati Voß / Volume 1 of the series "POETISCHE BILDERREISE" / Category: Poetry

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That life, the granting of which is a gift in every moment, settles into contentment & peace at the end of its days. To leave, to leave behind, to love - until the course of time reunites, in whatever place & moment ...