Kati Voß
Volume 1 of the "POETISCHE BILDERREISE" series
Category: Poetry

THE PEACE AND QUIET - Images of a nearby place

From the very beginning of existence, change in the arms of becoming, constantly touching the light in the dark. Just like the course of time leaves every experience to maturity in decay, everything new imagines itself in the bearing through the all-embracing being. Shaping your own path always leads to a point: to becoming in passing. Finding each other in one place, that takes up everything there is: releasing whatever is lived.

A POETIC PICTURE Journey in the Werraland Resting Forest.

published on 1 November 2023

Kati Voß
Volume 2 of the "POETISCHE BILDERREISE" series
Category: Poetry

EMPTINESS OF THE MIND - The unravelling of a world

The literalness of language blends into an unyielding fullness, whose meaning is rarely in the emptiness itself. Sound nestles against sound, far away from everything, measuring the indescribability and carries away into the realm of the senses, in which nothingness leads the dance. Nourishing the soil of memory, timeless in the action, the silence dwells henceforth in the remote self.

expected to be published in February 2024