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for individual wholeness 

"Nobody is the same as before they set off.
You are nothing other than the path, and you can only live from what you have transformed."

Quote from: Antoine de Saint-Exupery


We are constantly driven by the outer appearance of being. Integrating truth, wisdom and stillness into our lives is alien to many of us; we are always busy and distracted. As a result, we become more and more involved every day in the pursuit of going higher, faster and further - right from childhood. On the other hand, the individual soul is impoverished: powerlessness, fear, anger, distress, helplessness, illness etc. are spreading - alienation and polarisation on all levels. Who is still connected to themselves, really close to themselves? Who is able to be at peace with themselves alone, to figuratively need nothing and nobody - a synonym that is often misunderstood. Of course there are dependencies, we are dependent on each other in the chain of life. However, time shows us that many people feel lost and lonely and fall into constant addictions of whatever kind.

The observer's gaze is intended to show what is actually happening and how everyone can recognise themselves to a certain extent in order to be close to themselves. Inner peace, serenity, confidence, happiness, connection, connectedness, health ... a sea of infinite possibilities to feel good about yourself and to draw on this strength.

With this in mind, I look forward to accompanying you!

Yours, Kati Voß


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