From Kati Voß

I write. Poetry & Prose. Poems. Sayings. Texts.

🫴 Philosophical.
🫴 Psychospiritual.
🫴 Poetic.
🫴 Narrative.
🫴 Sophisticated.

There are now 12 books with all this, with more to follow. These books give birth to an empowerment based on basic trust and connection. 

Where the outside is not subject to any possibility of change and falls into rigidity, the inside is perpetually adorned with a constant beauty that we can remember - in every moment of our being - without excluding, but rather including and transforming.

The gaze is also directed towards connection & solidarity as well as loss & separation and is involved in the centre of the lemniscate without using the foreign word & eye. An immersion to penetrate your own self.


There is NOTHING to do but be.


Trilogy by Kati Voß


Viewing the soul as the unchanging self, as pure consciousness, part of an inner source brings confidence & constancy. Mind, emotions and feelings are subject to constant change; spirit, body & ego join the ranks of changeability. Thus these books create a gap between those fields of discontinuity to glide into a stillness that exists far from the pure mind. It is being & feeling rather than thinking that succeeds when these books are considered in their fullness.

Book series by Kati Voß


Words are gifts of the soul, art inspires us to linger. The combination of both is a gift for the senses that we have almost lost. So these books bring peace and connection to the self, retreat involves the sentient event. 

Book series by Kati Voß

A time in which the voices are loud and unapproachable or quietly overheard, this unstoppable & incessant change creates its very own perpetual path, according to its own power & judgement. As if the outside could let happen what it absolutely wants to realise, it nevertheless gives birth to the magic of the whole. Mysticism, as a synonym for the same, stands for the immaterial and the transrational. In this series we find symbolism from the element of language in an artistic 'form', lively, spiritual, emotional, ... - a kind of 'enlightenment' that touches everyone in their own way (freely and willingly). 

Book series by Kati Voß

Human development gives birth to a depth whose comprehensiveness touches all facets of our lives. Let us expand our being, leave the levels of the mind and the material, withdraw and find ourselves as observers of what is happening. Which path transparency really takes is the concern of this book series. The greeting cards + envelopes made of grass paper LYRATI & PHILATI, with poems & philosophical sayings round off the essence of this book series. (available on request)

Book series by Kati Voß

Touching through stories whose scope goes beyond the individual being. Experiencing oneself through the words & actions of others leads to the level of connectedness and the realisation of not being alone in this universal & individual field. In this way, people inspire through their experiences, interwoven with others, close to the infinity of experience. 

From Kati Voß

Poetry carries one of those secrets whose truth dwells in beauty. That moment pauses while this world spins on the outside, dream & reality illuminate fragments of this life between life & death, beauty & touch.

Book series by Kati Voß

Encountering a world whose outer world mirrors the inner world in its equality allows all separation to be cancelled out in full awareness. If the totality leads itself, this round dance takes place in the perfection of comprehensiveness and imagines itself in the peace of NOTHING. All struggle fades in the connection of what is united.

From Kati Voß & Alix Voß

Their hearts resting against each other, Enola & Cajonis listen into the silence of the night. Gone is the experience of this strange day, foreboding what will come next. Confidence alone allows them to look expectantly into the wonder of the morning.  

Book series by 'Community for Peace'

If this world believes itself to be in a peaceful state, it needs a gentle voice whose peacemaking happens on a small or large scale. Elevating the word without accusing, silence is found in the sound that is created through sharing. Reminding us of what it is really about, interweaving lines of many different languages.