About Kati Voß

A life for the fulfilment of your vision & its implementation

A vision that is stronger than life itself must be successfully integrated into it.

Busy in this life, which is characterised by rich professional and private experience, knowledge, connection, solidarity, humility and acceptance, I draw from the fullness of this being and am there with joy for all those who are committed to their own professional and private vision fulfilment and development.

"No one should just leave this life without leaving a trace that enriches everyone."

Quote: Kati Voß

So it is my constant concern to accompany you, to support you, to let healing happen through you - where there is discord, ignorance or a lack of intuition. Not for the sake of accusation, but for the sake of inner and outer abundance. My work is aimed at people whose ability to change is an inherent need and who are questioning the meaning of this life more than ever.

The areas are extensive and only make sense in their entirety. Nothing can be without the other. So the focus of my work is on 

  • the connection between the three brains: head, heart & gut
  • the sense for the guided
  • the inherent holistic potential of every human being with regard to the far-reaching aspects of true communication
  • the ability to empathise with oneself
  • towards his own health.


Only those who are really clear, honest and loving with themselves can successfully 'face' the outside world in a successful, enriching and involved way. 

I see myself as a bridge builder. And I see life as a kind of onion whose skin we peel off skin by skin in order to reach our essence: the true encounter with ourselves. This encounter gives rise to an inexhaustible power from which we function. Our own reflection is at the centre of the event and its effect, action and gift to the outside world.

I cordially invite you to let this journey of yours happen with me and through me. Life never stands still, any development is always possible. Bring your future into the now with me. Whichever of the topics offered is your first step towards introspection, we will be happy to decide together.

Your Kati Voß  

Vita - Kati Voß

A life for the fulfilment of your vision & its implementation

I work in a silent way. I draw my actions from what you and life are able to show me. As a mentor or author, I am one thing above all: a human being. I open the doors to holistic realisation and development for people of different positions and backgrounds: in written contact, in silent retreats or in FLOW OF WISDOM coaching / FLOW OF INNER SILENCE mentoring. Lectures are just as silent as her path: You will be surprised ... 

In my work, intuition and wisdom take precedence over the acquisition and application of knowledge that can be experienced didactically and intellectually. In this way, I build bridges between ancient universal experience and the current view of life in the awareness of a constantly changing time.

I began my professional life as a businesswoman in the commercial sector, which I continued during my practical time in this field until I became an accountant, but then felt committed to medicine and medicine in the next seven years. I trained as a non-medical practitioner and pharmaceutical sales representative and advised doctors in the cardiovascular and depression fields for many years. These activities were counterbalanced by a lack of help from my husband, who suffered from depression and committed suicide in 2013. Inevitably, I had already begun my journey of learning holistic approaches from the fields of yoga and Ayurveda. After years of extensive training and work, I followed my inner call to dedicate myself to the comprehensive, enriching development of each individual.   

My realisations and the importance of fulfilling my own vision of dedicating my life to connection, connectedness and planting a seed led me to found the AKAKDEMY OF WISDOM on New Year's Eve 2020/2021. Gentle guidance is based on a silent vision. This is how the events in very different ways into the healing path of my counterpart. I often sense this even before they realise it. 

The aim of my work is to enable everyone who finds their way to me to leave a trace in this life and to leave nothing undone: for the recognition of need-oriented values and a peaceful, touching and connecting world, carried by love.

"Every person has an inherent potential that can be recognised and called forth. It is therefore important to commit to allowing inner change...."

Quote: Kati Voß


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