Kati Voß
Volume I of the series "WHOLENESS IN CHANGE"
Category: Health & Personality

THE ZEITGEIST OF THE LOST - Burnout in the mirror of man & nature

From the very beginning of existence, change in the arms of becoming, constantly touching the light in the dark. Just like the course of time leaves every experience to maturity in decay, everything new imagines itself in the bearing through the all-embracing being. Shaping your own path always leads to a point: to becoming in passing. Finding each other in one place, that takes up everything there is: releasing whatever is lived.

A medical, scientific, philosophical and poetic journey through the power of burnout.

to be published in February 2025

Kati Voß
Volume II of the series "WHOLENESS IN CHANGE"
Category: Health & Personality

LOSS OF THE REALITY OF NOTHING - Depression & The Dissolution of the Ego

Beyond all time The 'dark night of the soul' is a transformation that takes place in the shadow of the light, the radiance of which is rarely heard. Shrouded in indescribability everything on the outside that is incomprehensible, whose tangibility is beyond of all ideas. The memory of death pulls with irrepressible force and fetches, who succumbs to it. But the one who resists it, recognises the darkness in the light like the light in the dark. 

A medical-scientific-philosophical-poetic journey through the power of depression.

to be published in May 2025