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Development & Editing: Kati Voß Academy of Wisdom


A knowledge game of inner wisdom with background information from Ayurveda & Yoga. & A board game without winners & losers.

Game type: board game, knowledge game, language game, brain game, role-playing game, active game

The players are encouraged to familiarise themselves with the background of Ayurveda and its healing approaches as well as the philosophy of this holistic teaching. Approaches for this were taken from the basic works and the new scientific findings adapted to the people of the European area of today. Suggestions are given for self-reflection and for mutual exchange and critical questioning as an adaptation to the respective healing path of the player. There are neither winners nor losers, rather it is about the playful development of a supportive healing and individually and collectively healing and connecting community. The game is ranked and progressed according to mutually enriching disputes and ideas of possible change, measured by the individual empowerment of each player in the community.

ūüôŹ The ability to involve the individual in the playful process
ūüôŹ The approach of holistic Ayurvedic medical & philosophical wisdom and utilisation for individuality & community
ūüôŹ The merger and development of the community

The course of the game is determined by the diversity and activity of the players. A completely new game experience in which you can perceive, observe, exchange, apply and change. The appeal lies in the self-realisation of the respective state of health and the momentary thought processes on one's own healing path - the empowerment of the self. 

An overview of the forms and effects of doshas, gunas, symptoms, philosophical approaches, healing experiences and their possible application in real life. It also teaches access to the topics of resilience and self-care, cleansing, elimination, nutrition, exercise and their backgrounds in a playful way.

In addition to the joy and practice of teamwork in family or friendly situations, it can also be used for school, conflict and rhetoric training as well as in management training.

Two further games are also currently being developed, incorporating knowledge from the philosophies of yoga and the chakras.

Product descriptions
How is it going?
Playing time: approx. 60 min.
Number of players: from 1 player or in groups
Age: 12-99
expected to be published in August 2024