With Tripura - Kati Voß


Taking advantage of retreats gives you the opportunity to immerse yourself completely in the fullness of reality, preferably live and in silence of course. To get close to yourself, to find distance from what accompanies you every day and yet to always be connected to it, because escape is not a means to an end. To feel grounded in contact with ether and air, to surrender to the flow of life like the water connects with the sea and to let go of what the (energetic and physical) fire is able to take with it and you are able to surrender yourself completely.  The intensity of these different times. A pleasure of being. - only on request

With Tripura - Kati Voß


Sharing experiences from the Inner School has been my passion for years. Intuitive knowledge transfer is less about imparting intellectual knowledge and more about focussing on personal development, taking responsibility for one's own thoughts, actions and feelings in the context of the learner and reflecting at the end on the person who has gone through that school and is now passing on or advising on their own knowledge. In my eyes, learning is only possible through personal experience. It can happen that the learner is asked uncomfortable questions and is allowed to position themselves and align themselves internally, but this is meant lovingly and is a means to an end ...

With Tripura - Kati Voß


Darshans give you the opportunity to spend a short period of time in your life with yourself and to allow yourself to completely immerse yourself outside of time and space. They offer you space for stillness, opening, self-acceptance, balance and development.

They have the character of a question & answer, the latter seem partly impersonal and yet close ...

With Tripura - Kati Voß


Giving guidance - experiencing the body's signs in abundance. In the course of life, the events of flexibility alternate with those of immersion in stillness. Just as the sun and moon interweave, day and night determine our being and are reflected in our posture, thoughts and feelings. Influenced by breathing and movement, our behaviour permeates the condition of tendons, ligaments, joints and deep fascial networks - associated with the principle of the feminine as well as the overlying muscles through to the bones - aspects of the masculine space within us. Maintaining, stabilising and balancing are found towards the pleasure of withdrawal and wholeness.