WHOLENESS involves the connections of clear understanding about yourself & all that surrounds you & shows you the way into your own HEALING.

The self is found in silence.


A rose's smile unfolds through its former seed. Its flourishing and blossoming lasts the duration of time, wavering through the storm of its ordinariness. Every whisper of wind, every wetness, every luminous glow warms its inner step, whose outer one seems barely visible. In walking in place, her natural self is transformed for the sake of quietly showing itself - the soul rests protected and unapproachable within her. Her core, whose uncovering takes a flowery eternity, thrives and fades in the world of her readable hour. Her beauty lets her die again and again for the sake of her life.

It is similar with us humans: we prick ourselves in the pain of life in order to call it our own. Every time we come closer to the rose, we decide how open we are to its existence. Our grief over its death transforms our pain, even trickily allows us to find its everlasting closeness, the contemplation of its beauty an evasion of the possible touch felt.

Unlike the blossoming of the rose, this is a separate process: no one on the outside can do this process of touching the rose for us.

The path you walk with me is called Sadhana - spiritual practice, which is based on consciousness - CONSCIOUS BEING. This is subject to your individual WHOLE, which involves connections of clear understanding about yourself & all that surrounds you. Your inner WISDOM teaches you your satisfying BEING in the mindful EYE-VIEW of the NOW. So allow yourself to take off all your masks and recognise who you really are: YOU! With all your inherent talents, potentials, experiences and illnesses.  

This is the path to our own healing. I will show you how this can be achieved in parts. In the Coaching. In the Mentoring. In Texts, in silence, in connecting being. 





Stefanie Schrader

Visionary, body-mind coach, suggestopedist

"Kati Voß accompanies and supports people with enthusiasm and is absolutely authentic in their development. She succeeds in conjuring up magical moments for the seminar participants, capturing them time and again and allowing them to experience decisive 'aha' moments for the change process."

MoveOn! Seminars & Coaching

Katharina Berrenberg

Designer, mantra singer & life encourager

"I was able to get to know Kati Voß as part of the breathing course leader training. From the very beginning, I was fascinated by her presence, her intuitive wisdom and her clear expertise. Although the training took place online, she kept an eye on all participants and managed to create a homogeneous space of experience from the colourful field of participants who were thrown together. Everyone was picked up, everyone was able to grow within a very short space of time - far beyond the actual course content. Her open manner, her generosity in sharing her knowledge freely and her ability to truly lead from the heart are an inspiration to me."

Berren brand

Katja Urban

Kindergarten director

"Kati has been my coach for 2 years. She works with an open ear and an open heart, both in my day-to-day work as a kindergarten teacher and in my private life. Through her empathy, her targeted questions and the mirroring of situations, I am increasingly able to recognise and accept my feelings again. Meeting my counterpart with empathy and leading from the heart is both a challenge for me and is now becoming easier. Consciously recognising my parts in situations allows me to remain capable of acting, especially in stressful situations."

AWO Essen, day care centre
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If you already feel addressed here, then make an appointment for a free initial consultation. Thank you very much!

Step 1
Consideration NOW

I look forward to hearing from you and am excited to see what you have to say and what you take me into trust me for. There will be a short consultation about what brings you to me and a decision decision as to whether & how I can support you.

Step 2
New findings

A problem needs to be solved: by you. Sometimes it goes beyond that: an experience that is unknown and brings something new. We look at more than just the rational level: the connection between body, mind and soul are closely linked in the world view. connected.

Step 3
Go your own way

Your path is based on the application of the newly gained and internalised insights, which take effect in all areas of your life. You determine the path & time in which you recognise and change.

Step 4


The AKADEMIE DER WEISHEIT sees itself as an umbrella organisation for personal development and transformation. Discover your own individual state of wholeness through clarity, inner truth & wisdom, experience yourself in the resonance of this world. 

What can you expect?

  • COACHING - for business & private
  • SUPERVISION & MEDIATION - for teams & social networks 
  • MENTORING - for spiritual seekers - individuals & groups 
  • Involvement of the specially developed Principle FLOW OF WISDOM
  • Application of holistic principles on the basis of of the insights of Eastern wisdom teachings for the Individual health at body, mind & soul level
  • Integration of the findings of experiential medicine from yoga, Ayurveda and Vedanta
  • individually satisfying 'healing' from the self, where pathogenic events influence one's own life
  • BLOG CONTRIBUTIONS zur realisation of the self-lie
  • RETREAT for transformation, contemplation & silence
  • INSIDE SCHOOL for the inner 'formation' of your self 
  • DARSHAN for the vision of the divine within and the answering of profound questions
  • YIN & HATHA YOGA / WORKSHOPS YOGA & AYURVEDA for wholeness & return to individual health
  • Books through the authorship of the founder of the AKADEMIE
  • eMagazine
  • Board game development & board games by the founder of the AKADEMIE


Dou are the one who becomes aware of your inherent powers or remembers them again. You are the one who fulfils yourself and thus learn to live up to the fullness of your potential, regardless of how you have felt up to now.

But what are such events?

  • What has so far prevented you from attaining and living out your own truth?
  • What laws govern events?
  • What influence do events & your previous experiences have on the challenges you are facing?
  • Which values are important to you?
  • What internal and external structures are you exposed to?
  • What is holistic health and what holds you back? 
  • Why do you keep falling out of mindfulness of the moment?
  • What do you distract yourself with and why?
  • What inner and outer conflicts are you exposed to that prevent you from sleeping peacefully?
  • How do you achieve sustainable change that leads to your all-round satisfaction?
  • How do you enrich this world when you move from scarcity (for whatever reason) into abundance - always a little more?

More About me 

  • People on the threshold of change
  • People who are interested in inner change 
  • People for whom their individual health is important and valuable
  • People who need support on the levels of body - soul - spirit
  • People who simply need an independent observer's view
  • People who are open to everything new they encounter and view it with an open mind


Online & Live Dates - Retreat / Inner School / Darshan / Yoga


These companies & organisations trust us:

For more flow in life

One Vision... it came out of me: to stand up for myself, for my family, for my friends, students, clients & loved ones. A vision that reaches its goal every day because it is near and not in the distant future. A future that can be brought into the now at any time. A Legacywhich I leave behind: I stand for connection, solidarity and planting seeds - in the corporate and private sector. This gave rise to the ACADEMY OF WISDOM and supports all those who are on their very own path of truth, wisdom and stillness.

Kati Voß

Kati Voß, Founder

Youtube channel

* INTERVIEWS - Special people in a special time

* FLOW OF WISDOM - Spirit for individuality


* BOOK READING with Kati Voß (Prose & poetry & texts from her own books) 

This channel is intended to inspire you to look at what is actually happening and how everyone can recognise themselves to a certain extent in order to be close to themselves. Inner peace, serenity, confidence, happiness, connection, connectedness, health ... a sea of infinite possibilities to feel good about yourself and to draw on this strength.

INTERVIEWS - "SPECIAL PEOPLE IN A SPECIAL TIME - 'In Contact' with ..." - with wonderful people who talk about what has influenced their lives and how they inspire others to think big and act big. 

FLOW OF WISDOM - Spirit for individuality - shows you ways to deepen your individual emotional-spiritual being through texts, sayings or poems.

MEDITATIONS FOR WISDOM - invite you to contemplation & meditation, a combination of alignment, concentration & reflection on a spoken impulse and letting go of everything in silence.

Have fun with it! Your Kati Voß


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Due to the constant changes, our time requires more retreat & silence, contemplation through MEDITATION or RETREAT, for example. But perhaps also by learning something and at the same time leaving something else out or reading a good book. You can try out all of these things with the offer of the ACADEMY OF WISDOM and stay informed. Looking forward to keeping you up to date without being overwhelmed by the masses of the news world... 

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Routine in being only makes sense if you like synchronisation. A 'go-getter' can be in the routine without letting the waves of the raging river run high.
Show yourself to the world from all sides, regardless of whether you are leading or being led. And in this authenticity of yours lies the experience of clarity & stillness that nothing needs.
There are moments in life when you no longer compromise. Full clarity requires 100%aking responsibility. Only you know, from the bottom of your heart, why you are doing this.