Kati Voß
Volume I of the book series "WORDS OF CHANGE"
Category: Poetry

POETIC REVOLUTION - The connected word of peace

This book gives birth to an empowerment whose origin is based on basic trust and connection. Where the outside is not subject to any possibility of transformation and falls into rigidity, the inside is perpetually adorned with a constant beauty that we can remember - in every moment of our being - without excluding, but rather including and transforming.  

His own modern poems, embedded in texts on current political-philosophical-psychological-spiritual topics, show his personal confrontation with the challenges of modern man, accompanied by his own black and white caricature of faces drawn by life. The focus is also on connection & solidarity as well as on loss & separation and involves itself in the centre of the lemniscate without using the foreign word & eye. An immersion - as in all my books - in the penetration of one's own self.

Kati Voß
Volume II of the "WORDS OF CHANGE" book series
Category: Poetry

INVOLUTE EVOLUTION - The Ascent of the Descending Path

The involution at the heart of essentiality is based on basic trust. The separation of proximity elicits a call from the distance, happening in the confusion of time. What remains is that emptying whose fullness seems hardly attainable. Thus it gives birth to the outer transformation and carries out the inner one as if in a torrential stream, following the counterpart of contrariness, whose cry fades in the plane of silence and the silence fades in the cry. One thing after another results in the pervasively enveloping unity that adorns completeness. A journey through the opposites to the centre of the lemniscate.

Kati Voß
Volume III of the book series "WORDS OF CHANGE"
Category: Lyrics & Poetry

PHILOSOPHICAL EXPRESSION - The changing expression of life


A rose's smile unfolds through its former seed. Its flourishing and blossoming lasts the duration of time, wavering through the storm of its ordinariness. Every whisper of wind, every wetness, every luminous glow warms its inner step, whose outer one seems barely visible. In walking in place, her natural self is transformed for the sake of quietly showing itself - the soul rests protected and unapproachable within her. Her core, whose uncovering takes a flowery eternity, thrives and fades in the world of her readable hour. Her beauty lets her die again and again for the sake of her life.

It is similar with us humans: we prick ourselves in the pain of life in order to call it our own. Every time we come closer to the rose, we decide how open we are to its existence. Our grief over its death transforms our pain, even trickily allows us to find its everlasting closeness, the contemplation of its beauty an evasion of the possible touch felt.

Unlike the blossoming of the rose, this is a separate process: no one on the outside can do this process of touching the rose for us.

This is the path to our own healing.

published on 24/05/2023