FLOW OF WISDOM - Principle

Spiritual knowledge is the essence of knowledge. Worldly knowledge is never satisfactory, no matter how much we know about the cosmos, molecules, cells or atomic physics, it is never enough. Humans will probably never know enough. The more you know, the more you realise that you know nothing. Spiritual knowledge is different!

The FLOW OF WISDOM principle is the basis of all the work of the ACADEMY OF WISDOM.

There are no mistakes, only experiences.
Facing challenges with a calm heart and distance is a question of focus, patience and a helping hand.
Transformation happens again and again, so that you can start all over again at any moment.




1 step - ATTENTION (self-reflection - the soul speaks)

Reflection on yourself and others: self-leadership, qualities, values and personality structure
How do I perceive things as an uninvolved observer? What does my heart say? What does my soul? 

Step 2 - CONNECTION (realisation & transformation)

Your own process of realisation and your own transformation in business, professional and private life
Which inadequate emotions need to be resolved? Which needs have to be satisfied? 

Step 3 - CONSCIOUSNESS (obstacles & overcoming)

Recognising and penetrating obstacles, implementing new insights into your life and everyday life as a whole
Who am I? What is my why? What is my what for? What do I need to fulfil in this situation?

Step 4 - ACTION (drive & support)

Improve your business, professional and private relationships, increase your synchronicity, support others                                                                                                              How do I act as a role model & action-orientated? Do I keep my promises? Do I act flexibly & with humour?

Step 5 - ALLOW (growth & renewal)

Your commitment: growth, participation, improvement, renewal
Does my self-confidence work without the desire for feedback? How do I increase and maintain my energy and the energy of those around me?

Step 6 - RESPONSIBILITY (Integrity & Vision)

Integrating your vision into the community for a sustainable common good
What level of consciousness do I & those around me have? How does integrity succeed? How are inner values lived?

Step 7 - TRANSFORMATION (Leadership & Success)

Transformation, leadership, individual performance, systems, processes
How can I create and maintain a state of all-round happiness and contentment at soul level?

Learn how to use my unique 7-step principle FLOW OF WISDOM to access your original life vision that you once set out for as a human being. Discover the inspiration with which you can inspire yourself and those around you. Lead your life (anew) so that everyone feels fully involved in the fulfilment of your vision.

Wisdom & sustainability are based on the re-recognition of your original vision of life - as a human being. A vision that takes you from an ordinary person to an extraordinary one. You lend the significance of this principle to yourself!

I am happy to be there for you and accompany you on this path to your very individual exceptionality.

Your Kati Voß

The round dance of endings & beginnings always falls on one point.