for personal HEALING & psychospiritual CHANGE

There is NOTHING to do but be.

Consciousness coaching for your path & your own healing through the wisdom teachings of this world (Yoga / Ayurveda / Vedanta)

The spiritually evolving dimension of being is initially like stepping onto ice: challenging, splintering, cold. But the aftermath is a benevolence in the insightful and restful.
Empathy is a fundamental and unconditional interest in others. Show yourself (to me) with your shadows.
The added value begins where you stop explaining....

What does classic COACHING mean?

Classic COACHING requires reflection on perception and action: a path that can be gently smoothed. 'Accompaniment' as a translation of the word, which is on everyone's lips these days, promotes awareness, responsibility and the ability to reflect. The 'goal' of the COACHING process is to achieve (self-)observation, to understand and change experience and behaviour. 

What does COACHING based on the FLOW OF WISDOM principle of the ACADEMY OF WISDOM mean?

COACHING on the basis of the FLOW OF WISDOM principle of the ACADEMY OF WISDOM is based on the insights of the wisdom teachings of Yoga, Ayurveda & Vedanta, adapted to Central European lifestyles using Western holistic science based on neuroscience and quantum physics. With the 7-step principle FLOW OF WISDOM developed by me, you gain access to your original life vision for which you once set out. Discover the inspiration with which you can continue to inspire yourself and those around you. Lead your life (anew) so that everyone feels fully involved in the fulfilment of your vision. Wisdom & sustainability are based on the re-recognition of your original vision of life - as a human being. A vision that takes you from being an ordinary person to being extraordinary. You give the significance of this principle to yourself!

FLOW OF WISDOM principle the ACADEMY OF WISDOM - 7 steps

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The offer?

  • 4-week mentoring programme (live / Zoom online) 
  • 4 individual sessions - 1:1 coaching (live / Zoom online) - 4 x 60 minutes within 4 weeks 
  • weekly voluntary group call in a closed Facebook group - 
  • Workbook to accompany
  • incl. customised tasks
  • Live sessions on request

For whom?

  • For people who are more rationally inclined
  • For people who want to broaden their horizons with regard to the meaning of life 
  • For people who want to bring more depth into their lives, who are no longer really fulfilled by superficiality and having fun
  • For people for whom the stage of life appears as a kind of 'battle' 
  • For people who have already achieved a lot but still feel empty
  • For people who want to make a change in their professional or private lives without already being aware of their goal 
  • For people who want change but don't know why
  • For people who lack a valuable autonomous counterpart who is not involved emotionally or in the life process
  • For people who need an astute observer's eye to be able to change their perspective
  • For people for whom a lovingly critical statement is a thought-provoking stimulus to penetrate new perspectives
  • For people who want to involve more mindfulness in their everyday lives
  • For people who suffer from health problems and want to integrate additional services into their healing journey
  • For people who have been medically treated with their diagnoses or would like to internalise / deepen their self-healing approach    

The why?

Our individual wholeness and health are our greatest assets. This requires introspection, clarity and reflection and balances the inner matrix with the external world around you. Nothing in this world can replace this good: No money, no possessions, no partner, ...

The what?

  • Personal location analysis - a matrix analysis
  • Self-reflection in the mirror of a lovingly critical counterpart
  • Conflict analysis & conflict resolution and their application in everyday life
  • Leadership as self-responsibility - a commitment to oneself
  • Realising potential through needs-value assessment
  • Definition of guidelines for conscious self-management
  • Application of the 7-steps principle "FLOW OF WISDOM" and aspects of holistic healing
  • The application in everyday business & private life 

The benefit?

Leading yourself with your heart means holistic development and is an inner decision. Taking full responsibility and accepting what happens and what you do - for the enrichment of yourself first and foremost and then for others.

  • Happiness Many people believe that happiness is something random. But what if we can decide for ourselves to be happy and reorganise our lives accordingly?
  • Satisfaction - contains the word peace. If we manage to live peacefully together in our everyday lives, kindness and joy can also take centre stage and improve our quality of life.
  • Security - means above all emotional security. Am I sure of myself before I am a stable and reliable part of my environment? Can I rely on my family members or colleagues? 

The price?

1.500,00 € plus VAT.

Development and change are subject to a consistency that often (only) requires a reminder.