Can someone be relieved of their own healing?

'Released. She was startled. You came back with a large and a small cup, leaning forward a little, looking tired. Dismissive. She remembered. "Do you think they stripped him of his throne, to which he had tied himself all these years?" "No, they took the throne from him." She remained silent. She knew what you were getting at. "If only they'd just left him there. Then he would have had the chance to deliver himself and wouldn't have had to wallow in such miserable pretence of happiness, only to fall deeper than he ever did before." "We don't know." she pointed out. "You think too much!" you replied. "Why think up all the situations that might or might not happen. It's his life. He has chosen to show himself to the crowd in his pain. Then he has to bear the consequences!" She looked at you in astonishment. "Do you think it's his own fault that he's experiencing this happiness now?" "What happiness?" you asked. "What happiness can someone feel when they lose a drop of truth about themselves and their subconsciously self-appointed guru tells them that they can feel it and that they will never take that old step again? How hollow is that? And anyway, what is happiness supposed to be?" You took a short break, sipping your coffee, which was still steaming in your face. There were beads of sweat on your nose that weren't beads. "It's like the steam here: before you know it, you're wrong. Not all water is the same: beads of sweat are completely different to the steam from deliciously hot coffee, which also settles on your nose when the outside temperature is right." She shivered. Only now did she realise that it was already getting dark outside. This happened very early and very quickly at this time of year, when the first new forces of the year were emerging from the cold winter dormancy. "Released! You mean they're depriving him of the chance to heal himself, no matter what that looks like for him?"...

Extract from
'SEEING AGAIN IN A LOUD WORLD - The finiteness of eternity' by Kati Voß / AKADEMIE DER WEISHEIT
will be published in mid-April 2023