Not the away from ..., but the towards counts!

Imagine that everything that has always been valuable to you is taken away from you: your job, your position, your brand, and eventually even your "you"... Pah: the latter, that's not possible, I can hear you screaming now...

Far from it. That is very possible. How many men have I spoken to in recent months as part of my work as a personnel consultant in a large German transfer company who felt as if the relocation had not only taken away their job, in which they had developed over decades into a 'well-worn' professional, but also their dignity. In some cases, their "I" was visibly left behind. And not just that of the little man. Some of them suddenly didn't know what to do after a long period of feeling safe - especially in times of corona.

As a company owner, what do you need to hear from yourself and your employees, across all hierarchical levels? What do you need to see? What needs to be strengthened? 

Listening, feeling and guiding are allowed as early as the employment stage - sometimes "leading with the heart" is more necessary than any performance requirement. The employee feels empowered when the employer listens to them and places their trust in them. Even in difficult times. Even in the event of compulsory redundancies.

What do you need as an entrepreneur, managing director or CEO to first and foremost face yourself with honesty, clarity, courage and self-confidence? Throughout the entire entrepreneurial process. It is not uncommon for you to tackle your own construction sites before you can appreciate your employees and strengthen them from within. For a successful future, every day anew....

A difficult endeavour, I know! But you are not alone! I am happy to support you! 

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Your Kati Voß