clear end

The spirit's lightning of the word's power is subject to the offer's constant will in satisfaction. If that one would believe himself to be far from himself in remembrance, the judgement of his own incomprehension would find room for illumination. That which illuminates grasps the view far from polarity, whose interpreting submits to a question, given to the answer itself. The time of [...]

The crystalline of the Schönredwelt

The language miracle takes place phrase by phrase for the pricing of a world. That change is separation of the magic sphere mirror, whose endeavour of richness involves mightiness. The words are many, the stories free, depicting all experiences insight, depth is lost in the skirmish of the abundance of the expressive. The miracle pays tribute to an essence of beingness past what is heard, restrains [...]

Volatility in holding momentum

If hope's spark of emptiness is filled, the trace of the essence is found, that defence of the world shies away from the lie's human corridor.turmoil in the spirit's extent of the heart's anger and fear, may leave any path that leads to the fallacy of life.if the many anger the other, shying away from the connection, pays tribute to understanding far away, whose spirit misses in itself.venture for the sake of clarity testifies to the constantly deep course, path of [...]