The loss of completeness

Every being of literalness imagines the distance in taking the full. The alignment of measure is based on naming, understanding and fathoming. The colourfulness of the images depicted boasts itself into the heart of touch, as love longs for the hand that picks it up. Guided into fantastic spaces, far from everyday life, the tender word touches the [...]

The parable of uniqueness

Every difference in the evolved being's goodness indulges in a nimble richness. Life's beauty subjugated, turned towards the peculiarity of the self, loses itself in the gaze of the one end. The deed of joy is accomplished as a reason for action, in the oblivion of the foreign hand. That utopia of the unified conceals the vision advancing in the light [...]

Losing faith vitality

That which is dying, whose living is long dead, waits for the uplifting meaning. The utterance of congeniality is subject to the longing for fulfilment. Folly's magic seeks all that proves, subject to rightness. All trinities power of expression angry, fearful and furious undermines peculiarity, undesirable duration of judgement. Lacking only freedom of admission, thinking itself [...]

Loss of reality

The timelessness of that which surrounds the event resembles a circumambulation, lost in the vastness of the mind. That timelessness, whose sequence springs from itself, gives birth to the following action. Empowerment of defence Control conceals the truth, blinded by the cloudy eye, stoked in fear by the insignificant. Constant turning away loses wisdom, in words embellished sense of all that is not. Searching in [...]

Fulfilled in the call of loss

Like the significance of the lost of an event, whose gift is all the giving more than the receiving. The trace of pain leaves behind those signs that illuminate the light from within and without. Deep of the trenches call, the voices frozen in the language of sadness, whose word follows the loving action of deeds. That dying in the letting go [...]

Loss of intellect due to inertia

Absorbed by the faults of others, physical inertia boasts of its own justification. Influenced by the power of the senses, the body adorns itself with the sublimity of an idealised beauty, whose fullness or emptiness empowers itself to be constantly driven.