The quiet voice of suicide

Every call of the unspoken words sound lingers as the sword's power over life's forlornness. The space of lies loses sight of things, the density of fog obscures the truth. That shadow, which in length is a play of the sun, places hope in the impressive play's instruction, whose course of events is a backward one. The deception [...]

A glow of woe

When the line of becoming joins the depths of the earth, the force seems to take a turn of being. Those circles in the world of appearances are found in darkness and light, seldom the holding light. The distance shows itself near, its goal dwelling in the vastness of unattainability. Joy is rewarded with the [...]

The finiteness of eternity or suicide in instalments?

The words colour are not always found for the black and white of many a life. Despite the renegade nature of the shades, the light allows itself an insight into the dark space, the gap of which is for enlightenment. If the black dazzles the white in its own way, the border shadow fades into eternity. Shaped by the juxtaposition of dots, life [...]

Suicide in instalments

"What's wrong with them?" the voice of a coffee shop employee shouted between her pots and pans to the guest. 'You think nothing of it and then something like this happens! 46 years, 3 children'. If they were to abandon any endeavour to understand such an act, they would come closer to the deed. Disinterest in the other self, [...]