Why know who I am when the world is running away from itself?

That daily unbearable event, exposed to helplessness, is revealed in the course of time of self-moving speed. Inexorably, since time immemorial, event follows event, befitting the trinity of fear, anger and love. Without a view of duration, the power of learning never seems to want to appear. He-appearance, the illusion of the word carries the truth of the word: turning towards or away from. From what? The exchange of words refrains from any solving, man's doing follows action after action, far from realisation. Repeating this doing, adapted to the naturalness of the course, is there a just production? Does the gaze's feeling honour that sustainability of constancy, given in the course of the world, the mirror itself boasts in the gaze of contemplation. However: the fragility of reverberation is neither part of the interruption of the past nor of the new learning.

Comfort to all the silence whose word is a quiet one. Her observation clouds all meaning one moment, only to illuminate it again the next. Stop everything that reveals the action of turning away.   

The image of the race never shows its speed before itself, question follows question: to give it to this exteriority whose answer has always been ignored?

Where does the unconscious walk, whose spirit of the veil Hall hides from itself? If the vision of every inner being joins its own empowerment, the dissolution of the damage of the deceptively marked takes place.

While the expression of consciousness is always directed towards the self, close to the solution, until the wall's boundary is crossed: Who am I not? The experience of the I am ...