The multiplicity of words

Any impoverishment entails spiritual caution. The will to sound adorns the power to show. That desire to be received embellishes the picture's writing, turned to the mass of being. The lack of courage to see the self, to carry oneself in silence, requires the own word mass in all form necessity. The necessity of occupation is the [...]

The unfolding of unconditionality

Any narrowness, whose satisfaction lies in the given, shuns the wide round. The broken wing's centre from the beginning of time brushes the paths of error. If the power of conscience believes itself in the rightness of action, it is rewarded in praise & blame in the adornment of the masses. Attempts to capture the sound of the wind are in line with the will of explanation. Every [...]

The happiness recommendation

Every word of the state description is subject. Insight's pleasingness invokes the experienced, inferior to understanding. That which is technical, methodically embedded in endeavour, praises the essence of the trick. The knowledge of letting forms the new as the tried and tested, the suffering of the other. The direction of the gaze believes itself to be ordered towards the wall, the permeability polarises immovability. The longing of distance believes in pacification [...]

The lostness of faith

Subject to every act of malice, the image of love is deceptive. Dangerousness's madness leaves behind that retreat whose turning away from everything follows. The power of judgement stands above wholeness, permeating all beingness. That hatred, blameless of courage, indulges in the course of events. The whim of one-sidedness unites loneliness, the subject of defiance tone on tone. Delusion believed [...]

The inevitability of the fall of the world

Every stay of being power, the world hardly imagines itself in its own. The call sounds the prayer of compulsion, demanding the song of lament. That which achieves, subject to the subtlety of power, rarely reaches the opportunity of water against the path of the stream. If the spring draws itself, the swift spell of gentleness adorns courage. That which is subject to insight [...]

The miracle of lost souls

Every voice interwoven in the sound of the world. The invisibility of illusion, having become a renegade of one's own language, imagines the foreign custody of stolen joy. Sounds of loneliness mock the loud thoughts, touching the foreign senses. That hearing, whose listening dwells in seeing, calls with the same answer, far from the one finding. Hoping for closeness, the [...]

The illusory world of what remains

All seeing is based on the senses of touch, experiencing the formality of objects. The touch perception of the state, whose durability is constantly explored. Every realisation consists of a counterpart, the denial of reality. The ascent of the process follows the descent in its apparentness, subject to constant assumption. That form, the description sound of all that is experienced, flourishes the seeing [...]

The power of faith disempowered

Every word touches the prefabricated effect of what has been learnt, the expression of little as subject. The multiplicity of what is said stands in the way of what is written, shifts the importance. Résumé of one's own leads to the utilisation of what is expressed by others, on the other side of the multiplicity of clarity self-discovery. If the recording system collapses, the power of the mind is scattered in the balance between recording and [...]

The visibility of inconspicuousness

All vision requires an eye. The focussed gaze of the unrestricted senses, inferior to all vastness. That superiority of sharpness is a rough blade, the impossibility of division interwoven. Stirring in faith's hope dwells, given breath by the train. That imaginability, whose waiting for all offered, lies to the faithful hour attitude. Remains hidden what the image [...]

Lost possessions

Every experience is subject to a will, the renunciation of everything old defied, whose word fell in excess. Oppression is confronted by plausibility and rebellion, every opinion is divided by law. The senses subject to experience proclaim that which opposes experience. The image's defence ignites all new strife, disguised as the pain of time. Separation bears witness to the lie of the word, empowering the self [...]